Bandit Camps

Popularity cost for parish: -5

Only one bandit camp may appear in a parish at one time.

Bandit camps will never attack your village.

Bandit camps are extremely easy to defeat. Most will be very small containing just a few peasants and 1 or 2 archers. There are slightly bigger variations but nothing that can’t be absolutely annihilated with hardly any losses.

Some bandit camps can contain great towers but because there are only a small number of towers they can be easily crushed by a large force.

Weak Bandit Camps

These camps are extremely easy to defeat with just a handful of archers. Because the bandit camp only has wooden walls you can easily break your way into the keep very quickly and defeat these.

Strong Bandit Camps

Although I say these are strong bandit camps, they are really just a slightly stronger variation of the normal bandit camps. These ones usually contain some stone walls and a bigger number of archers than the weak bandit camps but they are still easily defeated with a large army.