Trading Cards

One of the best things in Stronghold Kingdoms is the ability to trade cards in for card points, for which you can buy other cards. You must trade in 5 cards at a time for which a slot machine type system spins and matches symbols determining what amount of card points you receive.

5 slots will spin each with multiple symbols on each and if you match symbols you receive a point bonus depending on how many match up to a maximum of 5 matching.

The minimum number of card points you receive for trading in 5 cards is 25 card points. The points listed in the table below are the bonus for matching symbols and you will receive that number on top of your normal 25 points.

Icon Name Icon x 3 Matching x 4 Matching x 5 Matching
Apple 3 6 10
Hawk 5 10 20
Shield 8 16 30
Wolf 10 20 40
Jester 15 30 80
Tower 20 40 70
Crown 30 60 100