Monk Abilities


After you unlock monks this ability is unlocked also. This allows you to send monks to influence elections. You can either give votes or take away votes from person. 1 monk gives 1 vote and multiple players with multiple monks can sway elections massively. There are cards you can use to increase the amount of votes your monks give also but they are rare in card packs. Influencing votes can mean the difference between you keeping and losing your parishes so remember to always have faith points handy to allow you to send monks to influence at any time.


This power can be used to send monks to cure the disease in a parish. Curing disease results in you gaining honour, and this is the case no matter what parish you cure the disease in. By default when you research the first level of restoration and unlock it, your monks can only cure 3 points of disease each which can be very costly in terms of faith points and gold if you want to cure a large number of disease points for a quest. It’s worth actually trying to max your restoration research before you undertake the big disease curing Quest s when full you can cure 10 points of disease with each monk which saves you 70% more faith points.


Blessing is a very handy thing to do to the parish to gain more honour and also to counteract bad weather conditions that bring a very negative popularity bonus. Each blessing gives 1 point to the popularity of a village for a certain period of time. If you can afford to send a lot of monks to a parish to bless it and you have a high honour multiplier you can gain a massive amount of extra honour.

The maximum blessing you can do on a parish is 50 points. You can try to bless it more but you will only be credited up to 50 points.


This power allows you to place yourself or someone else in a state of truce for a certain period of time. This can give you time to build up new villages, avoid player and enemy castle attacks, as well as siege camps. This power does not stop waves that have been already launched by player so it’s no use going into interdiction to avoid a player attack if they have already sent it. If you want to avoid that attacks after then use it

Interdiction is a necessary thing in many situations. If you find yourself trying to invade a hostile part of the map where there are little or no friendlies you will have to interdict yourself to allow yourself to build up.


This power is pretty much the reverse of blessing. Instead of increasing a parish’s popularity it decreases it instead. It can be handy to mess up player’s population regeneration or their honour flow.

The maximum inquisition you can do on a parish is 50 points. You can try to decrease its popularity more but you will only be credited up to 50 points.


This power removes a village’s ability to use church powers as in use monks. This can cause real problems for players depending on another player who is using monks to interdict them. There is a big downside to excommunication that is it is very costly in terms of faith points to excommunicate someone. Also it's very cheap to counteract this using absolution so if you do excommunicate someone for a very long time it will only cost them a fraction of the amount of faith points you used to actually counteract the excommunication effect.


This power counteracts excommunication, and allows the target city to use its church powers again. Absolution costs far less faith points than excommunication. It's actually very cheap to take even huge amounts, days or weeks worth of excommunication off players. If you find yourself under mass excommunication in a lot of your villages you can take it all off very easily. The best thing is to allow players to put huge amounts of excommunication on you to drain their faith points.