Parish Beginners Guide

Here is a guide to build your parish in an order that will allow the parish itself and the players to become very strong very quick. It’s good to know in what order to build the parish effectively so that players can maximise their production quickly while also allowing the parish itself to build strongly in terms of its castle and army.

Basic Production

Because your parish starts off with very little gold you have to choose what buildings to place first. My advice is to place the woodcutters and stone guild to allow players to maximise their production of both of these and build their villages quickly. It will also allow them to trade with the parish the excess after a while and generate extra gold for the parish. You can also place the fletcher guild first as well if players are going down the military route of gaining honour early.

Food and Ale Guilds

Because everyone starts off with the lowland village type, everyone can build all the food types apart from fish. If you want all the villages in your parish to be able to make a lot of gold quick, advise your parish members to research up the farming tree and place the 5 different food buildings in their villages, and start trading excess food both within your parish to generate gold for the parish, and with other parishes. Also place the ale guild in the parish capital, this will allow parish members to run high rations of both food and ale all the time gaining honour etc.

Parish Castle Defence

Parish castles build incredibly slowly. You’re probably talking about 2 months to get the parish castle built. You can’t use speed up cards on them and the only way to speed up the parish castle is to build labourers billets. To get the parish capital castle built effectively you need to place the architect’s guild, which allows wooden and stone structures. This will allow you to place the great towers needed to defend it. You also need to place the sergeant at arms office which allows you to build guard houses, moats, killing pits and also increase your archer protection on towers. You can also build the Castellan's house now to start upgrading the keep in the parish capital.

Parish Troops

Next you can look at building a basic parish army with pikemen and archers. Although you don’t have any barracks placed its best to unlock the troops first so you can actually build them once you do have the barracks placed. Build the archery range and pikemen’s drill yard to unlock both these units.

Building the Parish Army

To build the parish army large, you need to place barracks. Each barracks allows another 25 troops to be built in the parish capital. The parish has a basic troop limit of 50 troops before you place any barracks and once you get to this stage after placing all the guild and buildings listed before, you can look at placing maybe 6 to 8 barracks now to increase the capital army size to between 200 and 250. Of course it’s up to you how big you want to make the army now. But the more barracks you place, the more flags you need for each barracks.

Building Parish and Village Defences

When you have the parish relatively secure you can look to building strong defences both in its castle and the castles in the villages in the parish by placing the ballista maker, turret maker and Tunnelors guild. With these 3 buildings placed you can have a very strong defensive setup.

Increasing Weapon Production

Things like the ballista maker and turret maker take a lot of weapons to upgrade. Now you should look at increasing the weapon production of all villages in the parish to help upgrading these buildings and to allow the villages in your parish to wage war on a large scale with the enemy. These buildings take quite a few flags combined to place and you will have to place them over the course of a few weeks probably. However they are very easy to upgrade as they only take food.

The Last Essential Buildings

The last 3 important buildings I would advise you to place are as follows:

Town Hall

At this stage you should have a lot of buildings placed which means the build time for buildings now should be very high because each time you place a building the build time increases. Upgrading the town hall reduces the build time for new buildings, and when maxed actually cuts build times by around a half.


Placing the church provides extra faith points to all the villages in the parish and when full provides 60 faith points per day.

Siege Engineers Guild

The siege engineer’s guild allows access to catapults and also increases their firing rate. Building this building allows you to build catapults in the parish capital for attacking AI opponents and human players. Catapults cost quite a lot of gold so at this stage you should have a large surplus of gold built up in the parish capital.

What Next....

After all the buildings listed here have been built, you can place more barracks to further increase the parish army size. Or if you need to help specific villages in the parish you can place more guilds like the iron one, or honour good guilds. There are other buildings you can also place to allow a sally forth and unlock swordsmen and other things, but at this stage you have everything to have a strong parish with strong villages within it.