Essential Education Research

These are the main components of the education research tree which you should concentrate on first.


Level 1 Reduces research time by 5%
Level 2 Reduces research time by 10%
Level 3 Reduces research time by 15%
Level 4 Reduces research time by 20%
Level 5 Reduces research time by 25%
Level 6 Reduces research time by 30%
Level 7 Reduces research time by 35%
Level 8 Reduces research time by 40%
Level 9 Reduces research time by 45%
Level 10 Reduces research time by 50%

Mathematics reduces your research time and gives access to other researches associated with trading, construction and capacity. At the very start of the game your research goes so quick you don’t need to research this up high. However after a while when your research times are up a bit higher and your research is taking you about 10 to 12 hours you should research this up. By that stage you should have enough research points to ensure that you can reduce your research time while also having enough points to keep up with the reduced research time.


Level 1 Increase all goods storage by 20%
Level 2 Increase all goods storage by 40%
Level 3 Increase all goods storage by 60%
Level 4 Increase all goods storage by 80%
Level 5 Increase all goods storage by 100%
Level 6 Increase all goods storage by 120%
Level 7 Increase all goods storage by 140%
Level 8 Increase all goods storage by 160%
Level 9 Increase all goods storage by 180%
Level 10 Increase all goods storage by 200%

Your capacity at the start of the game is very small for each good. Engineering itself increases all your capacities such as stockpile, weapons etc. each level you research it up. It also allows you to research the individual upgrades for stockpile, armoury etc. and get their capacity up much higher. Get this researched up full before moving onto the individual researches as it gives a good boost to everything.


Level 1 Increase honour multiplier: +10
Level 2 Increase honour multiplier: +12
Level 3 Increase honour multiplier: +16
Level 4 Increase honour multiplier: +20
Level 5 Increase honour multiplier: +24
Level 6 Increase honour multiplier: +30
Level 7 Increase honour multiplier: +36
Level 8 Increase honour multiplier: +42
Level 9 Increase honour multiplier: +50
Level 10 Increase honour multiplier: +60

Arts are one of the most important researches for number of reasons. At the start of the game your means of making honour are quite limited and researching this increases your honour multiplier small amount but enough to help you up through the early ranks. It also unlocked things like entertainment buildings which increase your honour making ability, as well as allowing access to theology which allows monks and their abilities.


Level 1 Faith Points per day: 10
Level 2

Faith Points per day: 12 - Access to small shrines

Level 3 Faith Points per day: 15
Level 4

Faith Points per day: 20 - Access to large shrines

Level 5 Faith Points per day: 25
Level 6

Faith Points per day: 30 - Access to Chapels

Level 7 Faith Points per day: 35
Level 8

Faith Points per day: 40 - Access to Churches

Level 9 Faith Points per day: 50
Level 10

Faith Points per day: 60 - Access to Cathedrals

Level 11 Faith Points per day: 70
Level 12 Faith Points per day: 80
Level 13 Faith Points per day: 90
Level 14 Faith Points per day: 100
Level 15 Faith Points per day: 110
Level 16 Faith Points per day: 120

The theology part of the education tree is a massive section. Firstly researching up the levels of theology allows you to gain a few faith points every day. As you go up through the levels you also unlock all the buildings associated with making more faith points such as churches and shrines which you can place in each of your villages to gain a lot of faith points overall every day. As you go up through the levels you also unlock first monks, as well as all their abilities such as interdiction and blessing to name a couple. It probably is one of the most important researches in the game, and you don’t necessarily need to get it to level 16 but only to level 10 as you unlock all the faith point buildings by that level. You do unlock absolution and excommunication at levels 11 and 12 but very early in the game these abilities are not necessarily a priority over more important research in other areas.